One of the brightest shows in St. Petersburg annually plays the most romantic scene from the novel by Alexander green. The festival "Scarlet sails" is the second official Name of the holiday graduates. It is held in the season of graduation balls and is dedicated to young people entering adulthood. "Scarlet sails" can be called one of the most popular cultural events in St. Petersburg. The number of guests at recent events exceeded one million people. The date of the holiday is determined simply-the nearest Saturday to the longest day of the year (June 21). "Scarlet sails" is the only festival in St. Petersburg, included in the register of world event tourism and recommended to visit in almost 20 countries of the European Union. The program of "Scarlet sails" consists of two main parts. The first section is a concert on the open stage with the participation of top stars of the domestic show business. It is held on Palace square from 22:00 to 02: 00. The second-the most important - part takes place on the water surface in the waters of the Neva river, including the famous Palace embankment. Before the audience played a Grand multimedia performance, reminiscent of the revived scene of the Hollywood blockbuster. To the sound of the acoustic system on the Neva river, a brig with scarlet sails floats, the" prototype " of which was described in the novel about the love of Assol and gray. The background for the action is a fantastic show of fireworks. The whole water performance lasts 20-30 minutes. The main site of the festival "Scarlet sails" - Palace square-can be reached by invitation cards, which will be distributed through schools and schools. Since mid-June, 80,000 such invitations (31,000 of which goes to St. Petersburg) will be distributed to the regions of Russia. A student who has received a ticket has the right to invite two additional family or friends to the holiday. Applications to receive invitations you need to send to local committees on education. St. Petersburg metro on the night of the holiday of graduates "Scarlet sails" will extend its work until 05: 00.