Flamingo Travel Agency Flamingo Travel Agency. Public Information.

Flamingo Travel Agency, the tour operator since 1997, is in the Federal Register of Tour Operators under registry number РТО 000853 and is a full member of the Russian Union of Travel Industry.

Full name: Travel agency "FLAMINGO" Company Limited. Contact phone number: +7 (812) 3467676. Contact E-Mail: info@flamingospb.com. Official internet site:

Legal address: 191025, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky pr., 61A, 18H.

The responsibility of our company for the amount of 10000000 rubles is insured by the JSC "ERV Travel Insurence" until 31.07.2019. Our company carries out the activity in the 3d spheres of tourist operator activity, registered in the Single federal register: internal travel, International travel, International departure. Flamingo Travel Agency from 2008 concluded an agent treaty with IATA (International Air Transport Association) and carries out the sale of aviation tickets more than 60 world airlines.

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Certificate on entering information into the unified register of tour operators Certificate of International Air Transport Association
Certificate Of The Russian Union Of Tourism Industry Certificate Of Trade Name